Planetary ONE [Open Network Ecology] Partners:
Maria Aiolova, Carlos Roberto Barrios, Alexander Felson, Nurhan Gokturk, Mitchell Joachim,
David Maestres, Walter Meyer, Jason Vigneri-Beane.

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Planetary ONE is a unique cross
disciplinary partnership of designers
and scientists collaborating to pioneer
visionary socio-ecological and
infrastructural strategies for urban
environments.  Each of our
practitioners have achieved individual
success in their respective fields
allowing us to offer high quality
professional services in architecture,
landscape, planning, urban design,
and infrastructure.  With the fusion of
our repertoire of skills and experience,
we are poised to provide innovative
design solutions to respond to the
challenges of urbanization. Our group
endeavors to be at the vanguard of
progressive urbanism through
engagements with a diverse clientele
and across multiple fields.


Alex Felson at The Cooper Union for
The Future of Zone A: New York
Neighborhoods on the Frontline of
Climate Change

Alexander J. Felson at MoMA:
Foreclosed: The Role of the Team in
the Design Process

ONE Lab for Global Design

Planetary ONE has been selected as
1st Place Winners in the Design for
the Real World Redux and Exhibition
with the
Museum of Arts and Design
and the Victor J. Papanek Foundation.

Current TV
Urban Mobility 2011

NYC Summer Lab  exploring design
with various living matter.

The Festival of Ideas for the New City,
New Museum, Planetary ONE at the
following events;
2. Workshop Session 2
3. Storefront
4. NYC Future Metropolis

ONE Prize
Open International Design
Competition to Envision the Sixth
Borough of New York City.

Crain's 40 Under 40
Dr. Alexander Felson

Split Studio
Jason Vigneri-Beane, Architect

Global Design NYU:
Elsewhere Envisioned Exhibtion

The Huffington Post
Dr. Mitchell Joachim

The Miami Herald
Park proposed for former Miami Arena
site in Overtown, Walter Meyer,
Landscape Architect

DawnTown Miami
International Ideas Competition, Jury,  
Walter Meyer, Landscape Architect

Cabeto Designs
Dr. Carlos Roberto Barrios

Architizer profile: Planetary ONE
David Maestres, Architect

Urban Sketchbooks
Nurhan Gokturk, Architect

Ecological Society of America
Landscape Ecology Conference
Plenary lecture on designing for
wildlife: April 1.
Dr. Alexander Felson

The Hope Conference
Plenary lecture:  April 7.
Dr. Alexander Felson

Infrastructural Opportunism
Storefront for Art and Architecture
Manifesto Series 02
Planetary ONE Partners
Planetary ONE Partners are pioneers in progressive urbanism through design, ecology and technology.